Officers and Committees

Association for Law, Property and Society Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees


Lorna Fox O'Mahony  President (University of Essex)
Douglas Harris  President-Elect  (University of British Columbia)
Nester Davidson  Treasurer (Fordham University)

Board of Directors:

Term expires May 2017

Priya Gupta  (Southwestern)
Robin Hickey  (Queens Univ. U.K.)
Jessica Owley  (Buffalo)

Term expires May 2018

Wian Erlank  (North-West University, South Africa)
Dave Fagundes  (U. Houston Law School)
Sally Richardson  (Tulane Law School).

Term expires May 2019

Lisa Alexander  (Texas A&M University)
Erin Ryan  (Florida State)
Sjef van Erp (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

Committee on Membership, Outreach, and International Connections:


Jessica Owley (State University of New York at Buffalo)

Committee Members

Wian Erlank (North-west University)
Robin Hickey (Queen’s University Belfast)
Ben Davy (University of Dortmund)
Mikhalien du Bois (University of South Africa)
John Page (SCU Australia)
Tim Iglesias (USF School of law)
Amelia Thorpe (UNSW)
Sarah Blandy (Sheffield)
Tim Mulvaney (Texas A&M)

Mentoring Committee:

Erin Ryan Chair (Florida State)

Committee Members

Jerry Long (University of Idaho)
Kali Murray (Marquette)
Sarah Schindler (University of Maine)
Mark Edwards (William Mitchell)
Alice Kaswan (USF School of law)
Hari Osofsky (University of Minnesota)

Past Presidents:

Rebecca Hardin (University of Michigan)
James C. Smith   (University of Georgia)
Robin Paul Malloy  (Syracuse)
Michael Diamond  (Georgetown)
Hari Osofsky  (Minnesota)
D. Ben Barros  (Widener)
Rashmi Dyal-Chand  (Northeastern)


Robin Paul Malloy  (Syracuse)